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A human enterprise

Group Qualipieces is a proud Quebec company that has been in operation for over 25 years. It all started with the passion of its founder, to enhance the snowmobile experience. The very foundation of the company is therefore based on the manufacture and distribution of very high quality snowmobile accessories.

The company is experiencing remarkable growth: from a distribution mainly in Quebec at the beginning, it is now everywhere in North America that the products are exported. This growth is achieved thanks to a solid, dynamic team and a management team that knows how to take care of its employees. Over the years, Group Qualipieces has expanded its product line and is now divided into three distinct companies:

Group qualipieces

Our three business sub-divisions

groupe qualipieces entreprise

A new era at Groupe Qualipieces

Since 2019, a new group of shareholders has taken over at Group Qualipieces. This wind of change has had the effect of completely reinventing the business vision of the company by offering modern and effective solutions to everyday problems. New players have thus joined the company and modernization is now reflected as much in the way it recruits and retains its employees, as in innovations in product development.

The importance of team spirit as well as work-family flexibility is a priority at Group Qualipieces. The human dimension is above all our priority within the company. Thus, the new leaders constantly highlight the successes of their teams and the projects carried out. They want to share the successes of their projects so that all employees clearly understand the purpose of the products so that everyone can be proud of the work accomplished. These elements raised above are therefore in symbiosis and contribute enormously to the propulsion and growth of the company throughout Canada.


The advantages

At Group Qualipieces, we promote a working atmosphere that allows the development, respect, autonomy and motivation of our employees. Here are some benefits of working with us: