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A human enterprise

At Group Qualipieces, one of our top priority is to value team spirit

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A passionate and dynamic team

We are a team of enthusiasts and we surpass ourselves every day to offer the best possible product and service to our customers. We are actively looking for new talents. Apply today and join our family!

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At Group Qualipieces, we share the work between three large teams:

Product development

Research and development of new products (R&D) also includes the product life cycle. This crucial phase is firmly supported and valued by the leaders. The drawing tables are filled and several new products are in the development phase


At Group Qualipieces, operations include (among other things), the manufacturing and distribution of products. Within our operations, we are told about flexibility, creativity, cleanliness and pride

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing activities integrate customer service as well as marketing.

We are looking for
dynamic people.

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